What's this all about?

Our Mission

We have been researching family history shortly after our kids were born.  As we realized, we really didn’t know our ancestors, and its been a hobby of mine since. 

This site is a collection of public information about our ancestors assuming public information is when the last census records were published in the US, (1950’s),

John & Suzie Nevala Schulte

Do you have updates?

What we have listed is the information gathered from various sources with the source listed where possible. Again, we only list those ancestors appearing in the 1950 census records and before on this section. 

If you’d like to send updates to the ancestors we listed, please see the Contact Us section to see how to reach us. The remaining families are in a private site at: https://www.ourbranches.org/index.php. You will need to login in and be a verified family member first. 

Why do we do this?

I consider this a very interesting hobby and consider this a very good mystery novel about us!

I am hoping to add more photos to the various posts as time permits. If you have any interesting photos you’d like to contribute, please let me know!